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In 1857, R. O. Dormer and W. R. Holloway published the first City Directory of Richmond, Indiana. In addition to listing the occupations and addresses of most of the citizens, it included a short history of the city. Dr. John T. Plummer, who was a well-known physician in town, provided this history. His stated objective was to "gather up such of the incidents of our early history, as may yet be accessible, in order to rescue them from oblivion, by giving them a permanent record." In doing so he produced a document that has been invaluable to anyone interested in Richmond history.

This presentation provides the text of Dr. Plummer's historical sketch and not the city directory. It also includes some selected advertisements from the original. Original page numbers have not been included in the text, but they do appear in the Alphabetical Index. Clicking on page numbers in the Alphabetical Index or items in the Table of Contents will take the viewer to that place in the text.

Biography of Dr. Plummer  

Table of Contents


Reminiscences - Part I

Reminiscences - Part II

Reminiscences - Part III

Reminiscences - Part IV

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In presenting this publication to the Public, we have to beg the indulgence of our Patrons for any errors it may contain. Being the first gotten up in this city, the materials had to be collected from a thousand different sources, and were procured by much labor and expense. The publishers who may succeed us will have the advantage of our Pioneer Work ; and if we should follow this up next year, as we hope to, we shall be enabled to present a more perfect work. This, however, is, in our opinion, as complete as it is possible to make one, under the circumstances, and the brief space of time we have had in which to prepare this.

We have also increased its size beyond what we contemplated, especially in the Historical Reminiscences ; and we here take pleasure in acknowledging the obligations we are under to Dr. Plummer, for the very interesting Article he has furnished us. His ill-health, and the limited space we were enabled to give him, prevented his doing that justice to the subject he would have given it under other and more favorable circumstances.




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