Who Was Singiní Sam?

Singiní Sam was the stage name of Harry Frankel, who lived in Richmond for much of his life.  Beginning his career as a minstrel performer and vaudevillian, he was a famous personality in the early days of commercial radio.  He was best known as Singiní Sam, the Barbasol Man for his long association with that company.


Samís specialty was the old songs (songs that were old in the 1930s!), and he often bragged that he never introduced a new tune in his entire career.  Nonetheless, he was nationally known and much loved for his deep voice and informal, down-home style.  His shows were 15 minutes in length and consisted of four songs accompanied by Samís ad libbed commentary extolling the virtues of by-gone days, and of course, Barbasol or Coca-Cola. 


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