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How Do I Get a Library Card?

To register for a library card from the Morrisson-Reeves Library, a patron must live in the library-taxing district, which includes Abington, Boston, Clay, Dalton, Franklin, Green, Harrison, New Garden, Perry, Wayne and Webster Townships.

Anyone five years or older is eligible for a library card. A child must be accompanied by a parent/guardian with ID described below.

Young Adults may use their school-issued photo identification to establish residency.

Applicants must provide current, valid photo identification and proof of residency. Photo Identification should be government issued usually a Driver License or state issued ID.

What do I do if I lose my library card?
First, contact Adult Circulation Services to report your lost card.
For the security of your account, if you lose or misplace your library card, we will place a stop on your current library card. We will issue you a new library card with a new number with the following fee structure:
1st lost card: $1.00
2nd lost card: $3.00
3rd lost card: $5.00

Our staff is required to ask for photo identification when accessing your library account.

How do I get a PIN#?
PIN# (Personal Identification Number) can be issued at the Adult Circulation Desk. Bring your library card and photo ID to have this number issued. For the security of your account, PINs cannot be issued or given over to you over the phone or through email.

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