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Use a Computer  |  Printers are available at MRL

Wireless printing service

Wi-Fi is available throughout the building at no cost.  Details to access Wi-Fi.

Customers may use Internet Computer Workstations located at the library. The following is our procedure for use of these work stations.

Patron must agree to the Technology Use Policy

Computer Workstation Use

To use a computer you must use your Morrisson-Reeves Library card to log into the computer.
Non-residents must present ID at a Services Desk for a guest pass.

Ages of Users:

Cell phone use at MRL:
Please turn your cell phone ringer off or to a non-noise setting upon entering the Library and keep conversations to a minimum.

Printout fees:
· One sided color printouts are 25 cents per page
· Two sided color printouts are 50 cents per page
· One sided black & white printouts are 10 cents per page
· Two sided black & white printouts are 20 cents per page

During Computer Classes

Only class attendees and MRL staff are allowed in the lab while a class is being conducted.

These policies are consistent with all other service policies of Morrisson-Reeves Library.

Draft updated: Summer 2009, June 2012, March 2017


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