Director's Office

Harriet Bard's office, 1949

Carol Smyth's office, 2002

Mrs. Bard didn't stop with salvaging architectural items.  She made sure the historic pieces in her own office were restored and placed in the new director's office.  The desk was originally a roll-top desk belonging to second librarian Mrs. Bernhardt's brother-in-law.  The cherry country hepplewhite desk (below, left) is believed to have belonged to the first librarian, Mrs. Wrigley, and used to reside in the Reading Room.  The Marcus Mote painting, "Old Flax Mill," that was behind Mrs. Bard's desk is now above the hepplewhite desk.  The framed picture to the left of the 1949 office is the 1859 aerial view that is now in the lower lobby with the other historic maps.  All of the remaining items in the 1949 office can be seen today in Carol Smyth's office.  (All of these images can be clicked for larger ones)