Robert Morrisson Painting
One of the most prominent sights as one enters the library is the life-sized painting of Robert Morrisson that hangs over the stairwell just to the left of the entrance.  This painting commemorates the man whose benevolence made the original library a reality in 1864.

In appreciation of his generous gift, a committee of citizens commissioned John C. Wolfe to paint a life-sized portrait of Morrisson, which was hung in the reading room of the new library. Apparently these citizens felt that the likeness to the original was not what it should be, and they subsequently commissioned Marcus Mote, a local Quaker artist, to repaint Morrisson's head, making this a painting created by two artists. If one looks closely, one can see a difference in the style of painting between the head and the rest of the painting.

Painting in the Reading Room of the old building

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Painting in the present building.

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