Arthur Middleton Reeves Plaque

Arthur Middleton Reeves

Just outside the door leading from the lower lobby to the Historic Courtyard hangs this bronze plaque depicting Arthur Middleton Reeves.  The son of Caroline Middleton Reeves, he was a promising scholar of Icelandic literature whose first book, "The Finding of Wineland the Good," discussed the Icelandic discovery of North America based upon his translations of old Norse sagas.  Unfortunately, on 25 February 1891 he was killed in a railroad accident near Hagerstown, Indiana.

His mother gave her generous gift to the library in part to memorialize him.  She also commissioned Terre Haute native Janet Scudder to create this bas-relief in bronze on Italian marble.  Scudder crafted this work in Paris in 1904 and installed it in the lobby of the library in July 1905.