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Welcome to Morrisson-Reeves' Local History site, which brings to the public information and images relating to the history of Richmond and Wayne County, Indiana. 

Biographies - of prominent local residents

Business and Industry - Histories and images of local companies.

Lost Richmond - Images of sites that no longer exist.

Memoirs of David Hoover - Memoir of the first white settler as printed by Isaac Julian in 1857.

Morrisson-Reeves Library History

Palladium-Item Family Tree - Traces the many newspapers that merged over the years to form today's Palladium-Item.

Basic version Detailed version

Reminiscences of Richmond History - Written by Dr. John Plummer and included with the first Richmond City Directory in 1857.

Richmond Street Names Changes - In 1881 Richmond changed the names of most of its downtown streets.  This page will be useful to those researching documents created prior to that time. In 1929 many West Side street names were changed to conform to the 1881 system.

Richmond Then and Now - Images of Richmond from early in the century coupled with recent digital photos.


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