Robert Morrisson (1786-1865)

Robert Morrisson was one of Richmond's first prominent citizens. He came to Indiana from North Carolina as part of the general migration of Quakers to this area.  He had very little money when he arrived, but because of his many successful business ventures, he became a wealthy man.

In his retirement he gave liberally to many local charities.  The extent of his giving is unknown, because he gave without fanfare.  During the Civil War he was noted for his gifts for the families of Union soldiers.  Most notable (at least for this website) was his 1864 gift of $17,000 for a public library.

His will made a provision for a gift to the city of $10,000 dollars.  This sum was administered by trustees for forty years after his death, the interest going to various charities.  The Orphans' Home in West Richmond was maintained solely on this interest for many years, and the Margaret Smith Home for Aged Women received a large share of money.  At the end of forty years, Reid Memorial Hospital received the principal.

1810 -- Moved to Wayne County, Indiana with his wife, the former Jane Price. 
1811 -- Served on the first petit jury in Wayne County
1815 -- Opened a general store at Richmond at the corner of Main and Front Streets.
1817 -- Established a branch store at Liberty, Indiana.
1818 -- Appointed Richmond's first postmaster.
1819 -- Built a tannery in Richmond.
1825 -- Opened first drugstore under the name Warner & Morrisson.
1839 -- Opened first hardware store in Richmond.
1845 -- Retired from mercantile life and began to accumulate stock in the State Bank.
1853 -- Organized Morrisson, Blanchard, and Co., also known as Citizens' Bank.
1864 -- Founded the Morrisson Library.
1865 -- Died September 12.

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From Directory of the City of Richmond, 1857

From Young's History of Wayne County, Indiana, 1872

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