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Richmond and Wayne County Biographies

This section will contain brief biographies of notable people with connections to Richmond and/or Wayne County.  It is still very much under construction.  

Harriet Bard 

Thomas W. Bennett

D. W. Comstock

David W. Dennis

Mattie Curl Dennis

John Finley

Mary Taylor Reeves Foulke

William Dudley Foulke

Harry Frankel (Singin' Sam)  

Julia Meek Gaar

E. Gurney Hill

Mary E. Hill

David Hoover

C. Francis Jenkins

Ella Bond Johnston

George W. Julian

Esther A. Kellner

Virginia Claypool Meredith

Solomon Meredith

John F. Miller

Robert Morrisson

Oliver P. Morton

Timothy Nicholson

Dr. John T. Plummer

Bishop W. Paul Quinn

Caroline Middleton Reeves

James E. Reeves

Mark E. Reeves

Daniel G. Reid

C. R. Richardson

Benjamin Starr

Charles W. Starr

James Starr

Julia E. Test

Dr. Mary F. Thomas

James M. Townsend

Esther Griffin White

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