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1850 to 1899
1852 Greenmount Boarding School opens
1853 Railroad service begins  
Dr. Mary Thomas becomes the first woman to address the Indiana state legislature. She presented a petition asking for women's property rights and right to vote.
1859 Friends Boarding School becomes Earlham College 
1861 Civil War begins  
1863 First National Bank established with United States Charter Number 17. James E. Reeves was the first president.
1864 Morrisson Library opens on July 30. Financed by Robert Morrisson it is still the second oldest public library in the state.  
Knollenberg's opens
1869 Lyceum Hall opens in December  
1872 Second National Bank organized.  
1872 Union Station built
1872 Trayser Piano Co. formed  
1873 County Seat moved from Centerville to Richmond in August. In October, a mob fires on deputies barricaded in the sheriff's residence of the jail. Read the New York Times coverage!
1873 Street rail service (horse or mule powered) begins  
1874 Dille and McGuire Manufacturing Company begins producing lawn mowers.
1875 The Dublin, Indiana based company, Wayne Agricultural Works announced that it was moving to Richmond.
1877 Adam H. Bartel Co. opens for business
1878 Hoosier Drill Works relocates from Milton, Indiana to Richmond
1879 Wernle Orphans Home opens
1884 Construction of Richmond State Hospital begins
1884 St. Stephens Hospital opens  
1885 City of Richmond buys park from Col. John Miller in February 
1885 Doran Bridge completed
1886 City Hall dedicated
1889 First electric streetcars  
1893 Courthouse dedicated
1893 Westcott Hotel opens
1894 The Morrisson Library becomes the Morrisson-Reeves Library
1895  Old National Road bridge closed to traffic 
1897 Steel Main Street Bridge opens


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